On the Grid

I am back from what has been the most adventure filled trip of my life. We trekked through Vietnam from north to south, starting in Hanoi and ending on Saigon. As this is a fashion, rather than a travel blog (which, incidentally, I am strongly considering starting), I will not devote too much space to it here. But in case some of you are interested in what I have been up to for the past 3 weeks, I will leave you with this snippet. We dodged the effects of the typhoon Haiyan that devastated the Philippines, waded through unbelievable flooding that claimed its own victims in Vietnam, beat paths through the unkempt brush of a beautifully wild rainforest, rope-climbed and scrambled over slick boulders, I losing my footing once and almost falling into the depths below, mourned the cruelties liberally meted out during a bewildering war, ate some of the best food I’ve ever had, ate some of the strangest food I’ve ever had, strolled along gorgeous beaches, imbedded ourselves in the ruckus of a floating market, visited overwhelmingly ornate imperial tombs, pulled leeches off each our bodies, imbibed satisfying spirits on a rooftop while watching nightlife unfold below, traversing the country by foot, motorbike, boat/canoe, bus and train. It was an experience I feel to blessed to have had and Vietnam — how do I say it– blew my hair clean back.

Fashion posting will resume this week, but I leave you now with a small sampling of photos below. I was able to stalk some of your blogs while overseas, but as my internet access was rare, so was my communication. Hope you had a great few weeks! See you soon!

– fashuNinja

20131104_102041 20131104_163805

a) Juxtaposition, b) Anyone else need a ride?

20131105_100027 20131105_115442

a) The world is much clearer seen through the eyes of a Vietnamese iced coffee with sweet milk, b) Ngon! Translation: Yum!

20131110_115043 20131112_124400

a) No color enhancement was use in this photo. I think my camera would have spontaneously combusted. Flower Hmong, Bac Ha market, b) Warriors, imperial tomb, Huế

20131113_130505 20131113_163823

a) Rainforest. Thoroughly lived up to this. Bach Ma national park, b) Leech sequela. Still considering setting my skin on fire, just to make sure

20131114_195521 20131118_062348

a) Floating lantern, Hoi An, b) Seeing red at the Cai Rang floating market, Mekong Delta

20131118_190732 20131121_150917

a) Striking beauty ripe for the clicking, on a stroll through Can Tho, b) Happiest Buddha

20131104_104953 20131106_174009_LLS

a) Regardless of your mode of transportation, the only traffic rule is “don’t stop”, b) Goodnight moon. Ha Long Bay

20131105_124040 20131122_123855

a) Save for several minutes of picking exoskeleton out of my teeth, silkworm wasn’t that bad, b) I suppose I should include one fashion element. This is what happens to a $10 bag after 3 weeks of heat, humidity and rain.

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