Roars and Stripes

Before I begin, let me apologize for the hiatus. It’s not that I don’t have anything to share, it’s that I haven’t had a clue how to share it. Have other bloggers suffered this? Total writer’s block? I don’t know how novelists do it. I have been staring at the same picture for a week and am drawing nothing but blanks. Not anything to do with the outfit, just because I can’t think of anything remotely interesting to say. So, I have decided to just bang something out. Forgive me if it’s gibberish. Hopefully, with the help of some matcha and a couple robust dance sessions, I’ll reclaim my mojo.

On days when the wind is nipping at our noses and the sun has begun its hibernation, I will often take the fact that layering is no longer an option as an opportunity to play with mixed prints and pops of color. I figure, I can’t easily play outside, I may as well with clothes. I have been known to have my “thing”, in the past. Went through some phases, if you will. At one point, headscarves were an integral part of my outfit, cute little vibrant, triangular bundles of joy that they were. I would wear them on my head, tied to my upper arm or around my neck.  I also spent had a past penchant for belly chains. You heard me. And ankle bracelets. My latest fancy seems to be shrugs. This one has hung on for years. They are perfect when you just need a little something to stay the cold without burying a carefully chosen outfit in down and wool. They are supremely versatile ( I will showcase the different ways I wear these in future posts), are extremely comfortable and are uniformly flattering. What else, other than some distorted profiles on online dating websites, can boast such stats? Never mind the sheer number of textures and shades available. This phase is a keeper!

22 Oct 2013 (3)

I LOVE this one. Thicker and weighty, it hangs beautifully and stays put. And I adore the length. Something about it being past the knee makes it more — gosh, I don’t know — cool, somehow. Funky. As for this debate about whether or not a horizontal stripe adds mass, I have always tended to disagree. I agree that clothes can manipulate, can be used to camouflage, accentuate and change the eye’s focus. But with how vehemently I have heard argued that horizontal stripes widen the frame, you’d think the Hamburglar, himself, was staring at you through the pages of this blog squawking about fashion. Do I look like the Hamburglar?

22 Oct 2013 (2)

I don’t believe that this pattern is something anyone need shy away from, but if you are nervous, something like a shrug that is open down the middle — breaking up the pattern — and that hangs more toward the center than at the sides — creating a chevron-esque pattern– may be a way to begin experimenting.

22 Oct 2013 (4) 22 Oct 2013 (11)

The sunshine yellow in this scarf just tickles me, it is so vivid. Nothing like a pop of sunshine to brighten the mood. And I love the size of this piece. It is a very lightweight infinity scarf but with a lot of fabric, so there is a good amount of volume. Because of its lightness and its color, I can wear (have worn) this during all seasons. When it gets hot in the summer, I will usually let it hang as one long loop from my neck. And who doesn’t love leopard print? I can’t imagine. I love it when it more resembles the color more readily found in nature and I love it when the colors deviate from the original. Mayhaps because of the sleekness of the animal whose coat it mimicks, I find it to be such a sexy print, even if the article itself it not inherently so. I may not be able to take down a gazelle in the Serengeti, but I will look fierce taking down a panini in a café wearing this motif.

22 Oct 2013 (8)

My very soft shirt is the grey version of the black one I have already featured (here). From the exposed zipper to the way it feels, from the way it hangs to its ease of use as a layering piece, this shirt makes me wish you could befriend inanimate objects without public scorn. My only regret is retraining myself to two colors. Sadness.

My boots, talked about here, are still a favorite and should still be worn in small stints or post toe amputation. But I love them and I felt that, without being matchy-matchy, they tied in the lighter brown in the scarf.

Well, call me Stella ’cause I think I just got my groove back. I hope. Anyhoodle, I hope you enjoyed spending time with me. Please feel free to comment, leave ideas, ask questions, make requests. Hope everyone had a lovely day! Until next time,

I swear, I'm happy to be here.

I swear, I’m happy to be here.

Peace, Yinz.


Shrug – Veronica M from Anthropologie (old); click here for similar and here for cool alternative

Scarf – from Forever21 (old); more leopard infinity scarves than I could shake a stick at, none quite this color I could find

Shirt – Silence + Noise Oversized tee from Urban Outfitter (no longer available); click here for similar

Jeans – same old, same old

Boots – from Old Navy (no longer available); click here  for the ones that will replace them once I can shop again, even if I have to snatch them off someone’s foot. Kidding. Sort of.

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