Teal Magnolia

I find that a jumpsuit is one of those things that people either love or hate. Those who love them do for their sleek silhouette and their versatility. Those who hate them do for their top-to-bottom swathing in the same color or print and their tendency to transform the lady bits into a dromedary’s hoof. I fall into the former category. Well placed accessories and layering pieces can break up a continuous pattern and careful choice of size, cut and fit can eliminate any unseemly lines.

Taken in a NYC hotel bathroom. A girl's gotta do...

Taken in a NYC hotel bathroom. A girl’s gotta do…

Enter my jumpsuit that, like a hidden puppeteer, makes me stomp and swish like the world is my runway. This is the second I have ever owned, the first being a skin-tight black cat suit I wore while in university. I don’t want to talk about it. I’ve since avoided them resolutely due to my body shape. The same issue that causes gapping at the waist in pants caused a complete loss in the curve of my back when the jumpsuit was roomy enough for my lower half. Opt for a size down to accommodate my waist and the suit would pull and tug in ways that made me walk funny. But when I saw this one, with its stunning color and draping fabric, I had to give it a go.

25 Oct 2013 (12)25 Oct 2013 (7)

Nike! It was cut with plenty of room between the legs, tapered at the waist and had ample room for the rear. There was, admittedly, the tiniest bit of gapping at the back but not so much that it could not be easily corrected with a belt.

25 Oct 2013 (9)

And that deep “V” in the back? Where is Justin Timberlake ‘cause sexy is being brought! I think many of my brassiere dependent cohorts would have seen it and written it off, assuming it fit only for our smaller-chested sisters. But not me. Every once in a while I see something backless as an opportunity to frame a sneak peek of a pretty bra. A little black lace never hurt anybody! The neckline is also a deeper “V”, with which I prefer to wear bras that do not push the girls together. No need to deploy the airbags and cause an accident! And the wider straps mean I don’t have to bear a strapless bra, praises be! I love the wide leg. Definitely dresses up the jumpsuit, mimicking a nice pair of trousers. And I haven’t even gotten to the color! A show-stopping teal that pops on all skin types.

25 Oct 2013 (15)

Here’s a rule of thumb. A jewel tone will almost always pair well with a metallic, especially gold. Emerald, ruby, turquoise, aquamarine—pair any of these with the old Au and you’ll be sure to have a winner. This gold belt is a dream in and of itself but it positively zings paired with the teal. And I don’t need to say much about cinching oneself at the waist—its utility is fairly written in stone.

25 Oct 2013 (6)25 Oct 2013 (17)

To protect my exposed upper half from the nip in the air, I went for this black woolly shrug. I wear this thing over and over because it lends itself to being dressed up or down. I hesitate to talk about how soft it is because I’m starting to sound as if I have some kind of fetish in these posts. But if my body hair grew in this downy I would petition to shut down Gillette. It is amazing.

25 Oct 2013 (14)25 Oct 2013 (22)25 Oct 2013 (20)

I found my earrings interesting because they are one piece that you thread through your ear. Sleek and simple, I felt they continued the theme of the look. My little bag – remember my penchant for kiss locks?– I have had it for nearly 2 decades and will love it for the rest of our lives. Its blue melds well with that in the jumpsuit and the chain is long enough that I can wear it comfortably under my arm. The gold in the sandals was the final cohesive touch.

Okey dokey! I hope you enjoyed spending time with me. Please feel free to comment, leave ideas, ask questions, make requests. Hope everyone had a lovely day! Until next time,

25 Oct 2013 (3)

Peace, Yinz.


Jumpsuit – BCBG Camellia jumpsuit (no longer available); click here for similar and here for wow

Shrug – shaggy shrug drape cardigan; I cannot believe this is still available. I got this a while ago. GET IT!

Belt – from BCBG (old); click here for similar (I can’t make it speak English!)

Earrings – cannot remember

Bag – The Gap (old)

Shoes – from Coach, click here for more info

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