Slouch ≠ Sloth

Slouchy and oversized used to be how clothes were worn to hide perceived problem areas. In this past year (ack!) I have noticed their being repurposed into focal-point pieces, the way the clothes hang off the body giving a chic but easy-easygoing silhouette. And though it can be successfully worn in a variety of situations, what better way to take advantage of the comfort the look affords than on a day of running errands?

31 Oct 2013 (8)
From the time I spied this sweater on the rack, I knew that this little gem was going to repeatedly be on my body until it was worn into a wardrobe malfunction. Not just a black pullover, it has elements that make it standout to me. Its knit is coated, giving it a slight sheen and almost waxy texture on the outside. The inside if soft (of course), uncoated and luxuriously warm. That little bit of shine broadens its versatility, making it something that can be dressed up. This knit is tight, adding more weight without extra bulk, allowing something potentially boxy to hang nicely. I like the subtle high-low hem, how frames the hips. Which isn’t something I ordinarily consider a plus. But I like the way this sweater does it. When this sweater is hanging on by a few pieces of yarn and some coating, I’ll wrap it around my neck and wear it like a scarf, I love it so much.

31 Oct 2013 (22)
When wearing something oversized, in most cases it is preferable to balance with something that fits closer to the body, be it a true to size long maxi skirt, a cute little mini, leggings or some such. I went with skinny jeans (of course). Well-suited to a day of running around. But imaging the sweater with a slight tuck into the top of the jean, black knee-high riding boots, hair up and dangling earrings. All of a sudden you’re ready for a nice brunch. Now envision the same sweater worn over A-line skirt/dress with a flirty ruffle hem and a party pump. Mayhaps with a cute little collar popping out of the top? Martini-time!

31 Oct 2013 (26) 31 Oct 2013 (25)
I never thought that I would go for preppy little moccasin but I really like the way these look on my foot when I tried them on. Just goes to show that one should try everything on before deciding whether or not they can pull “it” off.

31 Oct 2013 (15)

My necklace, a twisting and knotting of brass, copper and gunmetal, was just to add a little bit of understated bling. Let’s call it blung. And that black rubber band on my wrist is necessary to keep me from chopping all of my hair of in the spontaneous fits of rage to which I am prone when wearing it down.

31 Oct 2013 (17) 31 Oct 2013 (18)
Finally this coat. I love this pea-coat and have had it for years. It is falling apart. I mean, there are buttons missing because I have been putting off going to the tailor and I don’t sew. Or sow, for that matter. The lining looks like it would be better suited to tie around a birthday gift. But I have not been able to find a suitable replacement and so I hang on to this one for dear life. It is warm, it is classic and without extraneous bling (or blung) and it never goes out of style. If anyone knows where to find a simple, classic wool pea coat, please do me a solid and let me know. I suppose, in the meantime, should make a trip to the tailor to have her patched up.

Happy New Year! This outfit is older as I am still playing catch up. Wishing everyone health and happiness. I hope you enjoyed spending time with me. Please feel free to comment, leave ideas, ask questions, make requests. Hope everyone had a lovely day! Until next time,

31 Oct 2013 (4)

Peace, Yinz


Sweater – from Brooklyn Industries (old); click here for similar

Jeans – same old, same old

Shoes – from Tommy Hilfiger (old); click here for similar

Necklace – from Forever 21 (old)

Coat – J Crew (old)

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