Frye Me to the Moon

Sometimes when planning an outfit, one starts with the shoes and works their way up. Be it because of their comfort, color or the fact that they were a dream heel, the shoe can be the outfit’s crown jewel.

25 Nov 2013 (2)

I wouldn’t say that I am fickle. Open-minded would be a better term; my tastes have been known to change. For instance, I used to hate tomatoes. Now I eat them like apples. Avocados used to make me dry heave. Now if I could smear them on my face and trust myself to resist the temptation to scoop some off and into my mouth with a tortilla, I would. I used to think that the Frye harness boots were just plain ugly. They were too rugged for my liking and I did not see being able to incorporate them into my wardrobe. But the sneaky little devils pulled an Urkel and started growing on me the more I saw them.

25 Nov 2013 (24)25 Nov 2013 (23)25 Nov 2013 (22)

I still wasn’t sure enough about them to spend the money, so imagine my delight when I happened upon a dupe at Target. I lovingly dubbed them my “Tryes” and they allowed me to get an idea of the boot’s comfort and versatility. I was sold. I wore those mo’flickers everywhere, with so many things and through multiple seasons until the heel started to wear. So I went for the real deal. Great decision! I now love how rough-and-tumble they are with their thick, worn leather, square toe and chunky heel. And, once the stiff leather is broken in, they are so blasted comfortable! And that harness detail? With the brass ring? How I ever thought these were anything but attractive, I will never know.

25 Nov 2013 (33) 25 Nov 2013 (9)

While it took me quite some time to make a decision about these boots, my sweater was an impulse buy. It was a good one. Black with silver thread, this pullover is a great herald to the holidays. It is thin enough to act as a fun layering piece. And clothing items with casual cuts bearing sheen or sparkle are great for dressing up or down.

25 Nov 2013 (1) 25 Nov 2013 (32)

Tying in the brown of the boot and playing with print and texture mixing, I opted for this leopard print infinity scarf. And, really, any excuse to add in a pop of leopard is hard to resist.

25 Nov 2013 (8)

This bag is U-mazing. With a “U”. I love Mulberry. It is classic and understated and lady-like (with gorgeous things for men, too) and will last until you don’t want it to. I could go on and on. It is the namesake of Alexa Chung. I want to know how to get a bag named after me, but I fear the closest I will come is to lending my name to a bag of chips. I would eat fashuNinja chips, though.

25 Nov 2013 (29)25 Nov 2013 (25)25 Nov 2013 (30)

Anyhoodle, I hemmed and hawed about this purchase, too, but now that I have it I cannot tell you how beautiful it is. Deep chocolate color. The most supple leather. Flawless brass hardware with that sweet little tree embossment. Braided handle detail. Cross-body ready. Beyond roomy. I just can’t. I can’t. It’s too much, I could swoon! Italy and France make a nice bag, but England KILLED it with this one!

By the way, I happened into a Mulberry store yesterday in Frankfurt (as you do) to discover that many of Mulberry’s classic bags are on sale because they have just changed the leather. So now might be a good time to take the plunge if you have been thinking about it for a while.

25 Nov 2013 (11)

Oh, and this coat. This coat I have has for very long time (at least 8 years). Many teddy bears died for this coat and I do not feel the least bit guilty. I remember spying this gem on my way to the checkout line and nabbing it with my greedy little hands. I think its fullness elevates its look. I wear this both causally and to more dressed up affairs. And it is so warm!

25 Nov 2013 (15) 25 Nov 2013 (13)

Sehr gut! I hope you enjoyed spending time with me. Please feel free to comment, leave ideas, ask questions, make requests. Hope everyone had a lovely day! Until next time,

We make do when we forget to shoot the goodbye photo.

We make do when we forget to shoot the goodbye photo.

Peace, Yinz


Shoes – Frye Harness mid-calf

Sweater – Mossimo from Target (old)

Scarf – Border print infinity scarf from the Limited (old); click here for similar

Bag – Oversized Alexa; 1 British pound ~ 1.6 American $. They deliver worldwide. There are stored in San Francisco and NY store, if you want to ask about other available colors because there are several.

Coat – Merona from Target (old)

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